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ニコル ストナー

To everyone

How are you? It is very cold here. It snowed a lot.  The snow didn't remain.  Take care.


Nichole Stoner
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Kind of really bored

And my feet are cold cause my heater doesn't work.  Which makes me sad, what a season for a heater not to work.  It normally doesn't work well anyway but at least it's warmer than this.  But I have my nice warm dark grey skater jacket that I found looks weird with a button up white shirt and pink/light grey lollit skirt....  But  I was cold and don't have another jacket so psht oh well.  I have short hair too which is weird with it as well.  Not horribly short, but shorter then most.  It was the first time I dressed in so many light colors in awhile O:
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Signed MUCC Poster

I can get a picture later, my memory card is stupid and wont work with my computer so I have to get the pictures onto my mom's laptop and then get them to mine from there.  Troublesome.  Once I get a picture I'll post this around more.  Well it's a signed MUCC poster from everyone, from the Rockstar: Taste of Chaos tour.  I'd accept offers, or trades, I'm looking for either a Dio signed poster or a Versailles signed poster if someone is ok with parting with one.
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No one is ever going to read these so it's going to be more likes notes to myself....Still haven't found my camera btw.  I can't remember what I put in this so I put no adult content but it may have some language? Possibly.

A world with two suns has no room for darkness. Yet, hidden amongst the humans, comes something that was thought to only survive in this darkness. To those humans, winter never came, and life was easy. Crops were gathered year round instead of only once. But an unexpected creature showed up. One born from the darkness of the short nights that thrived on the fear and blood of the humans. But it did not take lone for these creatures to live among the humans, instead of merely at night. They soon became part of the every day life, and the darkness wasn’t the only evil. With each passing year it becomes smarter, stronger, and harder to deter from it’s goal. Eventually, they disappear. Only stories of their attacks ever really reach the people anymore. Everyone is now an enemy, no one can trust their friends or neighbors when their own survival is at risk. But there was also a bond amongst these people. The Dhamphir. They were said to be sons of vampires. And the only ones who could see them for who they were and kill them. People would hire themselves out as these Dhamphir to earn money, but none would be a true son. Only a small group of people were truly Dhamphir and were regarded suspiciously for they could turn anytime, since they did have vampire instincts.


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Project Finished

So I just made my first skirt.  It looks bad on me, I think, because I'm not super skinny like the people who normally wear this kind of thing.  But I don't have a picture of it, mostly because I don't have a petticoat for it so it looks weird down but I should be getting one tomorrow along with appropriate shoes.  It's a lolita skirt made from grey and pink camo that has little pink skulls.  It's kind of weird sounding but is pretty cute.  I plan on using a pattern from a lolita bible I got for a bag that should match it.
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Getting Started

Well I really never have anything to say of importance but I tend to go off on my own little rants and stories and I like to share the things I do sometimes.  But most things I do Im not very good at so I tend to be shy on posting them up.  I have a story going, only one prologue but Im working on the rest.  Its unlikely anyone will ever read this anyway.