daidiru (daidiru) wrote,

Such a Loser...

I'm such a fucking loser, I can't do anything right. I let my emmotions get the better of me until I can't even function right, even if it is just over something small. I spilled coffee on my shirt on the way to a surgery watch and freaked out so much I couldn't even go inside... I really wanted to go... It could've been the thing that pushed me over the edge and let me go into an advanced health program, but now I don't even know... Who cares whether I did good in this one... If I can't get in I'll probably just give up on becoming a doctor... There's something wrong with me and I don't even know what. The only one that knows is my mom, and she can't help. My friends would just think I'm stupid or something... I'm such a loser and no one knows...
Tags: loser
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