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Magazine and CD/DVD sale

Seeling assorted CDs and magazines bought from Japan and (of course) in Japanese. All used but in good condition, some jewel cases might be slightly damaged but otherwise fine. Unless otherwise noticed, all DVDs are Region 2, so please make sure you can play that region. And all prices in USD, ask for paypal and added shipping cost. I'm also willing to negotiate. PM me.

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well this isn't fair

it's just not fair
I finally find someone who is good for me, body and soul
and guess what?
he's probably moving again
he doesn't seem to see how hard this is for me
it'll be 18 more years before anyone likes me again...
it makes me want to crawl in a corner and die...
I seriously hate my life
God seriously hates my life
who am I kidding?
there is no God
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things have been interesting lately...
I don't know what to make of it all...
but it's all going pretty good so...
I know this amazing guy...
he likes me because I'm nice...
he knows I can get emotional but helps me through it...
my best friend is coming back soon too...
heh, I'm actually pretty happy ^-^
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Such a Loser...

I'm such a fucking loser, I can't do anything right. I let my emmotions get the better of me until I can't even function right, even if it is just over something small. I spilled coffee on my shirt on the way to a surgery watch and freaked out so much I couldn't even go inside... I really wanted to go... It could've been the thing that pushed me over the edge and let me go into an advanced health program, but now I don't even know... Who cares whether I did good in this one... If I can't get in I'll probably just give up on becoming a doctor... There's something wrong with me and I don't even know what. The only one that knows is my mom, and she can't help. My friends would just think I'm stupid or something... I'm such a loser and no one knows...
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The Bigger Problems

No one sees the bigger problems. The inability to look deeper has gone away with generations. All there is, is the surface. Nothing else. There are bigger problems people don't even know about. They're the ones that eat away and make things weaker. In a place like this there's no way to solve them. Maybe in a perfect world where everyone's life is perfect, but even then there would be cracks. There is no way to get away from them. Society has ground them so deeply into our brains from such a young age they're inescapable. Maybe if people just looked deeper, and saw what was really happening, it would stop. But no one wants to take the time to do all that work. As long as things get done that are best for the whole, the outside, there is no reason to care for the inside. Sure, people can live longer, but even that’s just the surface. Until there is a society where people can see what’s behind ‘the mask’, and care for what’s there, the cracks will just keep getting deeper. The problems wont go away. But as long as no body sees them, it’s all ok. This was all crap but whatever...
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Today I bought FFXII.  It is very interesting.  However, it is also very long.  Tonight I will make speghetti. Sleepy...
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My favorite Motto~

I was trying to get this in Japanese but it's a hard one, probably because the grammer might not be perfect so it confuses the translators and ruins the meaning >.>

"Cosplay: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."


I'm going to get shot for this but I hate cosplay >.> normal cosplay, the really good stuff is awesome though